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Imagine yourself surrounded by brilliant minds and creative personas? Want to feel at home in the workplace? At Alien Therapeutics, we are looking for new talent that aims to solve real-world problems. We believe that hard/smart workers, outside-of-the-box thinkers, and molecular biology tinkerers, can drive the next generation of science from the bench to the bedside. Take a look at the available positions below and please send us your CV!

Drug and Syringe

Director of Molecular Biology, PhD

Full Time

Role: (1) coordinating progress updates and data summaries with CSO. (2) managing day to day operations and experiments with technicians. Various technique and protocol management: qPCR, in situ hybridization, FRET, microscopy, etc.


Director of Information Security / Technology

Full Time

Role: (1) security and data management training. (2) server upkeep and maintenance. (2) data storage, backup, remote access, (3) employee data services.

Data Processing

Director of Data Analytics / ML / AI, PhD

Full Time

Role: (1) establish pipelines for molecular computation approach, (2) oversee rigor and provide support in general data analysis, (3) provide insight and protocols for array-based network analytics. (4) artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning applications.

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Pipette Inserted Into Test Tube

Research Technician (Molecular Biology)

Full Time

Role: (1) Experience and proficiency with qPCR and PCR. (2) DNA/RNA extraction. (3)  Basic molecular biology and cell-culture bench skills. (4) microscopy, solution preparation, and record-keeping.


Research Technician (Electrophysiology / Computation)

Full Time

Role: (1) Experience with in vitro electrophysiology. (2) slice preparation and buffers. (3) recording parameters. (4) data analysis with different software. (5) proficiency with programming and pipeline implementation.

Stock Market

Financial & Accounts Manager


Role: (1) managing spending. (2) recording expenditures. (3) managing business accounts with banking institutions. (4) managing financial logistics. (5) preparing reports for investors. (6) identifying financial growth opportunities.

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Justice Scale

Corporate and Intellectual Property Legal Team


Digital social media

Director of Sales, Media, and Marketing

Part Time

Robotic Lab Assistant

Administrative Assistant / Laboratory Manager

Full Time

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