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Alien Therapeutics

Vision: We strive to solve pressing biomedical issues of the 21st century in local communities and across the globe.

Mission: To offer cutting-edge biomedical solutions to treat physical and mental-health-related diseases of the world.

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DNA Strand

Who We Are

We are a seed-stage biomedicine company focused on developing next-generation therapeutics for physical and mental-health-related conditions.

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Our Technology

Our primary focus is on developing Cricular RNA therapeutics. Our secondary focus is on developing novel platforms for disease-related gene identification by leveraging several new computational approaches. We were some of the first to think outside of the traditional scientific box to identify new opportunities in precision medicine, diagnostics, and disease.

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“A subtle thought in error may yet give rise to fruitful inquiry that can establish truths of great value”

- Isaac Asimov -

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